Buy Bitcoin Instantly With Cash At Our ATMs

    6.5% Commission Lowest in the industry.

    A Safe Fast and easy process.

    No Bank Account Nessessary.

    No Need To Register At A Website.

    The Crypto goes directly to your wallet.

Where To Find Our ATMs

Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, Surfers Paradise, QLD
Hi Five Asian Resturant
Brisbane CBD
Miami One Shopping Centre, Miami, QLD
ADDRESS: Chevron Renasance Shopping Centre, 3240 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, Queensland, 4217
YOU CAN BUY:  Bitcoin Ethereum  BUY ONLY

ADDRESS: Hi Five Asian Resturant, Shop 2/55 Elizabeth St Brisbane, Queensland, 4000

ADDRESS: Battle City Collectors, Shop 33 1934 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami QLD 4220

Heres How IT Works - (Buy Crypto)

You will need to bring your smart phone and a valid passport or drivers licence.
You will also need to bring your Bitcoin wallet. If you dont have one already click HERE.

Step 1:
Identify yourself.

The ATM will send a confirmation code to your phone. Enter the code. If you are a new user our system will SMS you a link to the Veriff ID verification website. Veriff will prompt you to take photos of your face and ID docs and add you to our system.

Step 2:
Scan Your QR Code

Return to the ATM and enter your phone number. Enter the code. Open the wallet app on your phone select recieve and hold the QR code up to the camera. This is where the ATM will send your digital currency.

Step 3:
Insert Cash

Start inserting cash. Keep going until your reach the amount of money you would like to spend. Then press the buy crypto button which is near the bottom of the screen.

Step 4:
Recieve Your Coins

After a short delay your purcahse will be confirmed and your digital currency will be sent to the wallet you entered in step 2.

Our commissions are typically much much lower that all the other Australian Bitcoin ATM operators

Operator Commission Fee Result of a $1000 Transaction You Paid
Operator A 15% $3 $847 Worth of Bitcoin $153
Operator B 13% $0 $870 Worth of Bitcoin $130
Operator C 10% $0 $900 Worth of Bitcoin $100
Operator D 7% $0 $930 Worth of Bitcoin $70
EZYBIT (Best Deal) 6.5% $2 $933 Worth of Bitcoin $67

This table gives you a rough idea about how much fees and commissions vary between Australian Bitcoin ATM operators. You can see how much further your money goes with when you use an EZYBIT ATM.

Some operators run a tiered system where customers only have access to lower commissions after they have made a lot of transactions.Other operators deliberatly hide their commissions and call them a BUY/SELL spread which is very misleading for the customer.

If you have ever used another companies Bitcoin ATM try doing the same transaction on our ATM and take note of how much extra crypto ends up in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER: Yes of course please email or call us and we will try our best to help you get started. We can usually help you right away but if we are busy leave a message and will get back to you as soon as we can.

ANSWER: Yes, We charge $2 per transaction plus a commission of around 6.5%. This is typically much lower than other Australian ATM operators. Their commissions can be as high as 15%. Beware of other operators who hide their commissions and then call it a buy and sell spread.

ANSWER: The minimum transaction size is $20. When you use the ATM for the first time you will need to identify yourself. Once your ID documents are fully verified your can buy up to $5000 worth of Crypto per day. And up to $50,000 per month. Higher daily and monthly limits are available for customers who wish to provide additional documentation.

ANSWER: We are a registered AUSTRAC reporting entity and must abide by the laws of Australia. We are required to keep a record of all transactions for 7 years and provide them to AUSTRAC on request.

ANSWER: Yes of course. Please email or call us if this happens. If something has gone wrong on our side we will do our best to fix the bug and send you the missing coins as soon as possible. However if the coins are missing because of a mistake on your side (For Example: entering the wrong wallet address) we may not be able to do anything to help. Please wait at least an hour before contacting us. Sometimes the block chain can be busy.


ANSWER: We only accept real people as customers. No companies trusts or legal entities. All our customers must be over 18 and have a valid government issued Passport or drivers licence. The digital currency you buy must be for your personal use. In addition to this we will not accept anybody who is a PEP (Politically Exposed Person). PEPs are typically high profile people involved in politics and government.

ANSWER: Our Gold Coast ATMs will issue you an SMS receipt. Our Brisbane ATMS will give the option to choose between an SMS or Paper recept.